Close-up Video of Erupting Fimmvorduhals Volcano

While it is clear that Fimmvorduhals Volcano which erupted in south Iceland on March 20, 2010 will not flood the area by melting nearby Eyjafjallajokull glacier, it is still very active and poses potential serious threats to inquisitive visitors. Volcano eruptions are accompanied by a release of poisonous gases such as fluorine, sulfur, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide – the latest of which is odourless, coloursless and deadly. In spite of potential dangers, some Icelandic people dared to walk up on the glacier to take close-up videos and photos of erupting Fimmvorduhals Volcano and that’s how the video found above was captured.

Authorities have postponed planned opening of the Thorsmork road due to increased lava flow in Hvanna however local business owners are hoping the eruptions will continue. As it turns out, the activity of Fimmvorduhals Volcano has attracted a whole plethora of tourists looking for adventure like no other – experiencing live volcano during eruption. Hotels in the proximity of Fimmvorduhals Volcano are booked solid, establishments with view of the volcano are getting sold out and touring packages offering helicopter flights over Fimmvorduhals are seeing endless interest from foreigners and Icelanders alike. This is exactly what Iceland needed after that unfortunate currency collapse following near bankruptcy of the country. Funny how luck can come out of misfortune.

The last recorded eruption in Iceland prior to Fimmvorduhals Volcano took place in 2004, however the last time lava spewed out of the Earth’s core in the neighborhood of the Eyjafjallajoekull glacier, it was the year of 1823.

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