Relaxation Holidays in Iceland

Iceland can be a great escape for the people who are just looking to relax and pamper themselves in a wondrous landscape. You can enjoy the relaxation holidays with rejuvenating properties in all parts of Iceland including Reykjavik which is considered the leader in Europe in the spa community. Iceland is home to a variety of spas and thermal pools that are also available in nature where many locals come to relax, giving you a feel of the local flavor. One can take relaxation holidays in Iceland on their own or they can enjoy one of the wonderful tours that are available.

Relaxation Holidays in The Blue Lagoon Spa

As far as relaxation holidays in Iceland are concerned, there are a couple of places that stand out above the others. The Blue Lagoon Spa is world renown and could be the most popular spot in Iceland. Before you even ask – yes the water is a deep blue color. The mud, minerals, salts and bluish algae in the water make it famous for its rejuvenating qualities. The Blue Lagoon Spa is on top of a lava field that is close to the village of Grindavik. Many products are produced from the Blue Lagoon Spa and they are sold all over the world. The Blue Lagoon is open year round.

The Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa Close to Reykjavik, Iceland

The Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa Close to Reykjavik, Iceland

Relaxation Holidays in Spa City Reykjavik

Spa City Reykjavik is the center of Iceland’s famous hot-springs. The city is full of swimming facilities that have hot pots; they are kept at a varying of degrees from 98 degrees to 111 degrees Fahrenheit. Most of these pots are located outdoors which gives a rejuvenating quality to leaving the cold winter air into the warmth of the water. These outdoor hot pots are often visited by locals, as they really enjoy the relaxation and health benefits that it delivers. The German Institute Freesenius has come in and tested the water as news its beneficial qualities spread like wildfire.

Relaxation Holidays in Myvatn Nature Baths

Myvatn Nature Baths are new to the spa scene in Iceland as they where only opened in June of 2004 but they are not to be missed. The mineral rich water is exposed to the environment and has a silver hint to the surface as you look at it. They actually give you a wool hat so your head does not get cold in the winter months. The water is naturally over a 100 degrees Fahrenheit with snow falling on the mountain tops that are in the background. Since the Myvatn Nature Baths is new, the building is modern and in great condition so you really feel like you are in an exotic natural wonder.

Relaxation Holidays in Nautholsvik Thermal Beach

If visiting in the summer a unique experience to test out is the Nautholsvik Thermal Beach. It is only open during the summer as it is on the coast of the Atlantic and it gets too cold in the winter to stay open. They pump in natural hot water into a bay in the Atlantic Ocean where they have brought in rich golden sand to lighten up the scenery instead of the black sand covering most of Iceland’s beaches.

Nautholsvik Thermal Beach

Nautholsvik Thermal Beach

Iceland can be easy to get around and with a variety of different spas to enjoy you will be able to relax in different types of settings around the island. Enjoy Europe’s escape of relaxation and feel better after you get home from a wonderful relaxation holiday.

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