National Parks of Iceland

The National Parks of Iceland count as the most remarkable areas the importance of which was recognized by Icelandic government who decided to protect it. Even though protected by law, these areas are there free for everyone to enjoy and explore. Natural resources, animals, plants and biological diversity contained within National Parks of Iceland all have their dedicated purpose that adds to a whole. The act of declaring this land a protected area secures its existence for future generations to enjoy.

National Parks are very commonly associated with tourism – this is because they are often beautiful and unspoiled. Tourists are actually encouraged to visit National Parks during their stay in Iceland, as long as they comply with the rules.

Auroa Borealis at Þingvellir National Park, Iceland

Auroa Borealis at Þingvellir National Park, Iceland

Tourists who experience the beauty of Iceland’s nature learn a great deal from it. National Parks instill a sense of preservation and leave the visitors with renewed respect for our environment. National Parks staff (Park Rangers) busy themselves by providing tourists with information. The act of teaching people to appreciate the earth and its environment lays foundation for utmost respect and love of the planet we live on. Protected areas and National Parks within the boundaries of Iceland are mandated by the Icelandic environment and food agency.

The Four National Parks of Iceland

There are currently four National Parks within Iceland; they each have their own uniqueness and areas of interest:

Thingvelir National Park rests in a deep valley between the European and American geological (continental) plates. The park contains unique species of fish that you will not find anywhere else on the planet.

Jokusargljufur National Park was formed by the Gushing torrents of water running from the Vatnajökull glacier. The largest waterfall in Europe – Dettifoss runs into it.

Snaefellsjokull National Park is full of mystery and romance. It sits at the base of a large volcano and it is the only National Park in Iceland that spans from the beaches to the top of the mountains.

Skaftafell National Park lies in an area where fire and ice meet. Unique topography was created by a combination volcanic eruptions with ever present glaciers. Skaftafell National Park is home to Svartifoss (Black Fall) Waterfalls, which got its name from black, hexagonal lava columns that crystalized into unusual shapes.

Svartifoss Waterfall in Skaftafell National Park, Iceland

Svartifoss Waterfall in Skaftafell National Park, Iceland

Other Types of Protected Areas in Iceland

Another variety of protected areas are Nature Reserves. These are the places marked as important for the wildlife and landscape within them. Some natural monuments such as volcanoes, fossils, waterfalls, lakes, minerals and other geological formations that are protected for their importance to wildlife recreation and habitats for ecosystems and animal species are often named Natural Reserves. Iceland is home to 31 protected species of plants.

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