Iceland Adventure

Traveling to Iceland is a unique adventure that can lead you to many things in your travels. Where else do you know that you can spend one day playing golf, climb a glacier and fish for fresh salmon and that could be day one on a vacation that you remember for the rest of your life. Adventure in Iceland is most definitely a place for the active.

Sheep Skull at the Skagastrond Golf Course in Iceland

Sheep Skull at the Skagastrond Golf Course in Iceland, Photo: Wendy Crockett, Flickr

Iceland Adventure #1: Golf

Among the daily activities you can do, golf is apparent in Iceland more than any place. There are over 70 different golf courses throughout Iceland for you to enjoy all with their own outstanding views. You can play golf in Iceland every year from May to September and with the month of June having 24 hour golf available because of the midnight sun that is unique to the island. Green fares will vary from $20 – $60 US dollars. Most of the clubs will have golf clubs available to rent. Most say that golfing under the midnight sun is an experience not to be missed. One of the most popular golf courses in Iceland is Akureyri Golf Club which holds The Arctic Open Golf Championship. The Akureyri Golf Club is the northern most golf course in the world. You can set up a golf tour to bring you around to the best golf courses throughout the island.

Heimaey Golf Course in Iceland

Heimaey Golf Course in Iceland, Photo: Wendy Crockett, Flickr

Iceland Adventure #2: Biking and Hiking

Once you pull your self away from the golf course to explore more of the natural wonders available in Iceland, you can decide whether to rent a bicycle or go on a hiking excursion. There are many cycling paths that are in and around the cities of Iceland but for the more adventurers I recommend the hiking excursions. For a first time visit there are many organized excursions to go on. Iceland is covered with lava and glaciers, there are also lakes and sand to see. When looking up where to go, just ask for the type of scenery or the type of adventure you like the most and off you go. After your first excursion I recommend going on your own so you can explore at your own pace and see Iceland the way you want to. Also, for those in tip top shape there is the Reykjavik Marathon that is held in August on Culture Day. This is an international event that varies in distance from 3, 5 and 10 kilometers. There is also a family race you can enjoy as a whole.

Hiking Adventure in Iceland - Sunset in Hornvik

Hiking Adventure in Iceland - Sunset in Hornvik, Photo: eir@si, Flicks

Iceland Adventure #3: Horse Riding

One thing Iceland is famous for is the Vikings conquest of the island. They brought with them their horses and since the year 930 there has been a banishment of importing horses into the island. The Iceland horses are pure and adapt to the terrain and provide the best possible experience to get around the island for a day. Many of the sites to be seen on Iceland are impossible to get to by car so the Icelandic horse is the optimal way to arrive. The Icelandic horse is said to be one of the easiest for a first time rider to be able to learn.

Iceland Horse Riding Adventure

Iceland Horse Riding Adventure, Photo: karynsig, Flickr

Iceland Adventure #4: Rafting

If you are still looking for an adventure, Iceland is packed with more for you. There is plenty of river rafting and sea kayaking to enjoy. River rafting in Iceland can provide an adventurous challenge. You can navigate through the swirling glacial ricers that run over the rugged terrain trying to make it out to sea. There are many different levels of rafting adventure available in Iceland, from the novice to the expert. For those who’d like to take an adventure on a kayak there are various types of terrain available. You can check out many of the lakes found throughout Iceland or participate in the white water rafting.

Iceland Adventure - River Rafting

Iceland Adventure - River Rafting, Photo: Sturla, Flickr

The adventure does not stop in Iceland, you can participate in skiing, fishing, and many other activities. For those looking for an action filled adventure, you cannot go wrong with a trip to Iceland. The midnight sun brings out the adventurer in all of us.

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