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Welcome to Iceland, a country where natural wonders and picturesque beauty are so breathtaking you will feel like you’re in a fairy tale. The cities of Iceland are safe and clean and Icelanders, who still speak the original language of the Vikings are some of the friendliest people you will ever know.

Iceland – The Viking Country

Ingólfur Arnarson, a Viking from Norway is said to be the first permanent inhabitant of Iceland. The culture of Vikings, the traditions of Vikings, the language of Vikings and all other things of Vikings have been and remain firm parts of Iceland since the very beginnings.

Beautiful Nature of Iceland

Picture perfect nature of Iceland is so stunningly beautiful it will leave you in awe the moment you step out of the city. And it only gets more jaw dropping as you get deeper into uninhabited, pristine landscapes of the island miles and miles away from civilization.

Iceland - Northern Lights in Þingvellir National Park, Photo: Arnar Valdimarsson, Flickr

Iceland - Northern Lights in Þingvellir National Park, Photo: Arnar Valdimarsson, Flickr

Variety of Iceland

Iceland offers so much splendid variety, you can watch magnificent whales, walk on a massive glacier, visit a geyser and then relax in a steaming spa all in the same day. There is a plethora of exciting activities that a tourist can engage in and they’re all on surprisingly small scale making it easy to get to.

Iceland is a great vacation destination whether you’re looking to meet new people or completely get away from them. The cities boast great shopping opportunities and restaurants with world class cuisine while desolate areas offer complete tranquility with perfect locations for extreme vacationers looking to test their strength and endurance.

Whatever your idea of perfect vacation, Iceland is unforgettable back to front.

Iceland for Culture Nuts

Iceland has many exciting galleries and museums that will take you through time and indulge you in finest of arts and history. Reading ancient Sagas directly in the land of the Vikings adds a magical dimension to the experience.

Iceland for Adventurers

Adventurers and notorious wanderers are in for a serious treat visiting Iceland. Whether it’s for Iceland’s imposing hiking trails, world famous outdoor thermal swimming pools or one of countless festivals, Iceland offers unsurpassed opportunities to explore and enjoy an unforgettable experience.

Waterfall in Iceland, Photo: Helder Caixinha, Flickr

Waterfall in Iceland, Photo: Helder Caixinha, Flickr

Getting to Iceland

Iceland is closer than you think. Regular non-stop flights connect Iceland with New York, Boston, Minneapolis and Orlando in the USA. Canadians have direct flights to Iceland from Halifax and Toronto on daily basis.

Travellers from Europe can fly to Iceland from most major cities throughout the old continent often at a very good rate.

Iceland Viking – Your Complete Tourist Guide to Iceland

The Iceland Viking website is dedicated to being your one stop guide to all things Iceland. Offering practical advice with factual, first hand information, Iceland Viking aims to answer all your questions in an easy to understand language. I sincerely hope you will find the website useful and will enjoy a spectacular holiday or vacation you’ll never forget. In Iceland.

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